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KB9AT designed and coded both of the above weather sites. They use widely available internet data but some of it is rather hidden from view on the 'net. The reason for making these two information sources available on this site is mostly public service with the exception of those hams interested in the weather related troposphere ducting phenomena as a medium for communications.

The Aviation Weather site employs extensive drill down capability meaning each time you go down one level from the home page menu, you would be wise to click on any map you see because there is probably another layer of information available that will be exposed by clicking on the higher level map.  Eventually you reach the deepest layer - sometimes after only one map click, sometimes it takes a couple.

By the same token, the Severe Weather site uses a similar technique so if a map appears, click on it and see what you find.

The Severe Weather site is two pages deep. For hard core weather geeks, the second page does a deep dive into maps and data associated with severe weather and requires some knowledge of atmospheric physics to get the most use out of it. It will also show watch boxes for severe Thunderstorms and Tornados and it has upper air sampling graphs which are just what the doctor ordered for the tropo-ducting enthusiasts.

Taken together, the two sites will be assets to those hams involved with NOAA's Skywarn program as weather spotters.

Again, the information available here is not Digital Mode specific but it IS information that's useful to Hams in general on several levels.