Storm Chaser Tools

Hi-Res WSR-88D Animated Radar


Basic Forecasting Indices


SFC Temp  SFC D.P.    MSLP

Winds Aloft Data


850 mb     700 mb.    500 mb

Temps/Humidity Aloft Data

850 mb     700 mb.    500 mb

Satellite Imagery

 VIS           IR            WV

Some imagery is not formatted full screen by the provider and cannot be programmatically enlarged. For O.S. 4.7 and 5, press trackball to zoom and then use trackball to pan. See FAQ page for details about how to manually enlarge and pan for other O.S. versions. Also, the WSR-88D Hi-Res Radar function will not work well with older BlackBerry(r) Phones. You need to use a phone running OS6 or OS7 due to the intense vector manipulation present in the animated radar imagery.