Click One of the Buttons  Above to Select the Propagation Forecast

The two propagation forecast sites above deal with the same subject but approach it from different perspectives.

The Digital Mode propagation site is in Australia and is aimed at Digital Radio users. It will allow you to see the probability of establishing a successful link on various frequencies for base to base, base to mobile and mobile to mobile locations throughout the world. A Point and Click interface allows you to specify the transmit location and the receive location although the link is assumed to be two-way so the transmit/receive nomenclature is a bit misleading.

The second site is a Voice of America site that defaults to broader bandwidth modes on frequencies in or near the amateur bands. The VOA site also has a point and click interface or, more correctly, a Drag and Drop interface  which allows you to select each end of the path. The VOA propagation forecast can be forced into a quasi-digital forecast mode by selecting CW as the mode you intend to use.

Both of the sites allow you to customize your transmit power plus several other station specific parameters. Both sites offer some hard coded city pairs however the Australian site is - understandably - Aussie-centric and the VOA site uses large cities throughout the world but probably won't have your location(s) if one or both of the cities is less than a half-million population. For these reasons, it's best to use the Point and Click / Drag and Drop functionality. (Alternatively, both sites allow Lat/Long entries for those that prefer to not use the spiffy interfaces.)