Click One of the Buttons Outlined in Green Above to Select the Digital Mode Software Download  you Desire.

The four selections above represent software downloads used to access the more popular Digital Modes.

o    Digipan is a very popular PSK31 application. This application pioneered the waterfall display and is easy to set up.

o    Hamscope is able to send and receive PSK31 plus several other modes if add-on helper apps are downloaded using instructions on the Hamscope website.

o    MMTTY has become sort of the world standard for sound card based RTTY transmit and receive.

o    MMSSTV has the same following among the sound card Slow Scan Television crowd.

These four application downloads should be sufficient for anyone that's new to Digital Modes. If you're a seasoned Digital Mode operator, you'll also want to visit a software cataloging page on the Tigertronics website. It lists most of the software available for the Digital Modes. It's a  Comprehensive List of Available Digital Mode Software .  (But read the fine print: Some software only works with early versions of Microsoft Windows and there are even a few DOS programs still rattling around that are on the list.)

Bear in mind that software is only half the battle. You'll need to interface your PC to your transceiver which will require cables and connectors - the type of which varies with your make and model of transceiver. If you use the sound card in your PC to send and receive AFSK tones, you'll need to set up the levels and configuration of the sound card and also construct a simple circuit to key the push to talk (PTT) control for your transceiver. Steve Ford's book (mentioned on the home page) will walk you through the steps or you have an option to purchase a favorite device of mine known as Signalink USB.

Basically, Signalink USB is an external sound card that's optimized for Digital Mode operations. It's designed and sold ready to interface with specific transceiver makes and models (which means you get the interface cables you need included in the price). It has an excellent VOX circuit  which takes care of the PTT problem and it supports all Digital Modes that use AFSK tones which means it works with everything that PC sound cards work with.

Having used other hardware devices for Digital Modes as well as many computer  sound cards over the years,  I strongly recommend you save your allowance money and purchase a Signalink USB interface.  Universal Radio is once again the place to make your purchase. You'll receive a nice discount off list plus they provide after sales technical support (and are cheerful about it rather than providing it grudgingly like the big box houses do.)

Here's a link to Universal Radio's website product order page: Signalink USB interface .

John Loughmiller, KB9AT