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The KB9AT website is dedicated to digital modes. From this home page, you can access four of the most popular downloads for Digital Mode software, reach two excellent High Frequency Propagation Prediction sites - including one that is exclusively dedicated to propagation using Digital Modes, and  be linked to two proprietary weather sites that support hams involved with NOAA's SkyWarn program, those hams using troposphere ducting propagation and hams that are pilots. 

Speaking of Digital modes.....

If you're new to ham radio digital modes, you can find a short primer on the Digital Modes page of  ARRL's website. For a more in-depth look at this segment of our hobby,  you should consider purchasing Steve Ford's (WB8IMY) excellent book  on the subject from  Universal Radio - my go-to supplier of all things related to amateur radio and short wave listening.

The book can be purchased by following this link: Get On The Air With HF Digital.  Steve's book will tell you everything you need to know concerning what modes are available, what software is needed, Digital Mode specific frequency information, and computer/transceiver interfacing.

Please bookmark and access it often.  And look for additional useful information as time goes on.

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